‘Z’ for a to Z


There was a little girl who loved to stay home and read comic books. She couldn’t play outdoors due to her ‘A’ for asthma, and this made her feel like she was different from her classmates.

But surprisingly whenever she went on a ‘J’ for journey to the village, she came back feeling healthy and strong. The sunshine and the tea gardens did her a world of good. She especially loved visiting the ‘B’ for basti bazaar, and chatting with her grandpa, who always carried a ‘U’ for umbrella. During the ‘X’ for X-mas vacations, all her cousins came down and it was so much fun!


She felt that her  ‘H’ for hearth and home was in the village and it was difficult to return to city life once again.

But luckily, she made new friends in school and ‘C’ for ‘catching up’ with them made her feel that she was not an ‘O’ for outcast, after all.

She couldn’t be with them all the time, but she had a faithful companion at home — her ‘D’ for dachshund. She knew that her canine friend would be with her in troubled times, be it  an ‘F’ for ‘falling out’ with a friend or even an ‘E’ for earthquake! Her buddy never let her wallow in  ‘R’ for regret for too long and taught her the importance of  ‘L’ for ‘letting go’ .

Sometimes, wonderful human beings like ‘M’ for Manisha come along who make the world a brighter place. But ‘N’ for nothing is ‘P’ for perfect and those you love have to go away sometimes.

Life is never easy and one has to  ‘K’ for ‘kindly adjust’ to circumstances — not expect to be treated like a  ‘Q’ for Queen. Unless you have a wonderful help like ‘S’ for Sarita at your beck and call!

But ‘Y’ for yay! She is now really looking forward to a ‘V’ for vacation when she can happily forget about all her ordeals while trying to ‘W’ for Work from Home. She can be ‘I’ for idle, think of ‘G’ for ‘gau mata’ , visit all the the blogs on Z for a-to-Z, and indulge in her favorite  ‘T’ for timepass which is … planning the next big adventure! 😉

pooh adventure





26 thoughts on “‘Z’ for a to Z”

  1. congratulations Durba for successfully completing the challenge, I feel glad and blessed to have come to now you through this challenge..wish you all the very best for your future endeavours and lets be in touch !

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  2. And talking about the next big adventure…
    Between 1977 and 1982 I was working in Dubai. Most of my staff (about thirty of them) were Keralites, many from Trivandrum. I always promised myself a visit to Kerala. I have almost decided that 2016 is the year to do it. Depending on the climate and cost, I would like to be there for about 10 days around the end of September, when my wife has her birthday. I have looked at various tour companies, but before committing, would love to hear from someone who lives in or knows Kerala, with any advice as to where I can look for the best information.
    Thank you for reading this, Durbadhyani.

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    1. Keith, sorry I’ve been off blogging or writing anything for a month. Thought I’d take a week’s break but it stretched 🙂 So I am seeing this comment very late! I was in Dubai too but about 2 decades after you. September sounds like a fine time to visit. I have a couple of friends in/from Kerala and could connect you to any one of them. My email id is: durbad@gmail.com
      If you drop me a line I will copy my friend in too and you can communicate directly with each other from then on, if you like 🙂

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      1. That’s very kind of you, Durba. It looks like the operator has a lot lined up for us, but we do have two free days in Kovalam at the end of our stay – Thursday/Friday 13/14 October.
        It might be nice on one of those days to perhaps see parts of the city that are not on the general tourist circuit.
        I’m sure the people who worked for me all those years ago didn’t spend all their time doing tourist stuff!

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    1. Hello Gulara…I am a bit ashamed that I haven’t managed to write a word in all these days since our challenge. I plan to seriously get back to visiting all the blogs and hopefully writing something too 🙂 I took a longish vacation but back now to regular routine. How have you been ? x

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      1. I’m good, Durba, busy mostly. So delighted to hear from you. No need to feel bad, I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to reading more of your writing when you have a chance 🙂

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