‘V’ for vacation

It is the first word that comes to my mind because a vacation is what I so crave right now!

Like an annual pilgrimage, we religiously go to Goa every year for a holiday.


The pace slows, the wine flows and the fried Pomfret irresistibly beckons.



I would love to travel to many other places but have not had enough opportunities so far.

Meanwhile, as long as I can have tonnes of food and rest, any place is a holiday destination for me. As they say, ‘the real adventure is in your head,’ (or maybe on TV for some). The place is quite incidental.


11 thoughts on “‘V’ for vacation”

    1. What!! You mean you haven’t tasted one yet?? Sacrilege! …I’m just kidding 😀 Not sure if I can do justice to describing it, having only seen it cooked 😉 It is a sea fish that is fried whole with spices and served up with a dash of lime. A fine accompaniment with chilled beer 🙂


  1. For me, holiday is where the sun shines 🙂 I wasn’t always obsessed with Sun, but living in the UK, you become obsessed – sooner or later. For example, it snowed today. Several times!!! Between periods of blue sky and even sunshine. It’s raining now and pretty cold. I need a vacation now 🙂

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    1. So different for me here Gulara. The sun shines on relentlessly, day after day….would be lovely if it snowed sometimes 😀 You could visit Goa too, for a sunny vacation. Let me know, in case you seriously plan something 🙂 🙂

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  2. I’ve never heard the expression: “the real adventure is in your head.” I like it. Sums up much of my life, actually. Also, would like to go on real vacay right about now, but not seeing it happen.

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