‘T’ for timepass

Today for T, I would like to introduce the word timepass for those of you don’t know it already. It is every Indian’s favourite word as well as activity (or lack of it).
time|pass [ˈtʌɪmpɑːs]

Noun: the action or fact of passing the time, typically in an aimless or unproductive way:

For example: “Stop this timepass and get to work, yaar.”

If someone were to call you a total timepass, for instance, it could mean you’re faltu, or ‘a complete waste of time’.


Down South, the word ‘simply’ pronounced [zimbly] has the same meaning and is more commonly used. It means saying or doing something JLT (just like that) i.e. for no reason at all.

Q: Why did you throw that banana peel at my face?

A: Zimbly.


A word of caution here, timepass is NOT to be confused with pastime.

pas|time [ˈpɑːstʌɪm]

Noun: an activity that someone does regularly for enjoyment rather than work; a hobby:

“His favourite pastimes are cricket and kite flying.”

Shelling groundnuts, for example, would fall in the category of timepass rather than pastime, no matter how much you may want to call it the latter. In fact roasted nuts are sold as timepass in certain parts of the country, especially the North and East.


So to conclude, I will say that timepass is my favorite ‘pastime’ — and thank you for allowing me to do just that with today’s post — i.e waste your time.

wasting time


What is your favorite timepass?

This post is the 20th in a series of 26 posts that I am writing throughout the month of April as part of the A to Z challenge2016.


7 thoughts on “‘T’ for timepass”

  1. I didn’t used to appreciate this ‘activity’ back when I was a child. Well, not always. I liked it when we sat in the garden and shelled fried sunflower seeds or ate pomegranates. Men were notoriously active at this, sitting in tea houses for hours on end drinking several pots of tea and smoking… I appreciate this activity now, but I am struggling to do it. In the western culture, there’s an ‘equivalent’. Perhaps, drinking coffee and people watching. A great post, thank you!


    1. You’re right about the men Gulara. I think historically women have always been busily occupied in household chores and the men had all the leisure of timepass. They could while their time in coffeehouses or drink/take opium and write some excellent poetry…

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      1. Aha! But here’s the thing. Maybe men write some excellent poetry because they take time to do nothing and create space for the inspiration to come through them…. I’m just starting to appreciate this – I’ve been so addicted to being busy.

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