‘N’ for nothing

Now that I have survived half the challenge, maybe it is time to relax and be  a bit adventurous 😉

I have thought nothing with N and will simply try and allow something to be created out of this nothing. I will pen down whatever random thoughts the word throws up.

Nothing can sometimes mean everything. Especially with women. It’s usually bad news if you ask a woman, ‘What’s wrong?’ and she responds with a ‘Nothing.’


Similarly with kids.

‘What’ve you been upto?’


You know when they say that, there’s mischief afoot!


But nothing can also mean just that, ‘no thing‘. We are created out of nothing and return to nothing. Dust to dust ashes to ashes.

All we can do is live this moment well, and nothing else matters.

A song has begun to play in my head now…

Nothin’ lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it’s hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

Here it is for you in Axl Rose’s voice


This post is the fourteenth in a series of 26 posts that I am writing throughout the month of April as part of the A to Z challenge 2016.


17 thoughts on “‘N’ for nothing”

  1. Durba, what a fabulous post! Your picture caused me to chuckle. Then your header is absolutely gorgeous. I was looking off the cliff into the wild blue yonder thinking of nothing… and everything.


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