‘F’ for ‘falling out’


I betrayed you. 

That is your truth.

We were kindred spirits — you and I. We smiled the same knowing smile and our eyes always lit up at the thought of the next big adventure — yours light brown, with a merry twinkle. Two magnificent beings who could be whoever we wanted, we pitied others their mundane existence.

Each little escapade was exhilarating, every act of rebellion a victory for ‘us’ against ‘them’.

Until I backed out.


I betrayed you.

Here is my truth.

We were different — you and I. You were magnificent — I only basked in reflected glory. I was a lot like ‘them’ — regular, timid, predictable. Your eyes twinkled with mischief, mine only shone with love for you. I wanted so much to be you, but didn’t know how to stop being me.

It was not an easy rebellion, for I was fighting against myself.

And then I backed out.

I could no longer betray myself. So I betrayed you.




This post is the sixth in a series of 26 posts that I am writing throughout the month of April as part of the A to Z challenge 2016.


14 thoughts on “‘F’ for ‘falling out’”

  1. This is an incredibly powerful piece. That last line – I couldn’t betray myself so I betrayed you – is staying with me. It explains some of my decisions in the past. Beautiful!


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