‘A’ for asthma

You’re an old friend. Almost as old as me. Been living with you since I suffered a bout of pneumonia, a few months right after my birth.

It’s not an easy relationship — you can be intense and overwhelming and leave me gasping for breath!

But like love and pain, like life and death — there is a bright side even to you, dark monster. Each breath after an episode feels like grace, faces I love appear more beautiful and spring flowers look brighter than ever before.

Every time I escape your stranglehold, life asserts itself with greater force. You batter my body, but set my soul free.

I will not fear you, my friend.


This post is the first in a series of 26 posts that I will be writing throughout the month of April as part of the A to Z challenge 2016.


13 thoughts on “‘A’ for asthma”

  1. Very well written and a beautiful relationship explained very well. It’s a relationship we have with our health and most of us forget about our healthy body and appreciate it till we face a health issue. Looking forward to the rest of the topics my friend!

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  2. Good for you for putting a positive spin on asthma. My husband is an asthmatic and it’s not easy at times. Love your banner photo. Glorious!

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